If I could go anywhere on a bike...

In the mission Help Get Hari Home, we asked our readers  "If you could jump on a bike and go anywhere, where would you go and what would you do there?".  Here's what they said:

I would want to go to Egypt or Paris,France. - Amal, Markham  Check out  our story on Egypt.  The travellers will soon be going to Paris as well! 
I would go to Punta Cana and play on the trapeze. - James (Age 8) Toronto
 Go to Hawaii and easy shaved ice🍧- NIkita (Age 10) Toronto
I would go to Australia and do everything there!!!!!!! - Mirabella (Age 10) Toronto
I would go to California and Hollywood so I can meet all the celebrities. - Zeina (Age 12) Oakville
I would go with my sister to Hollywood to meet all favorite celebrities! 😂😂- Hussein (Age 13) Oakville
I would go with Zeina and Hussein to L.A and I would meet all the celebrities there. - Bassel (Age 12) Mississauga
Because the murder of Louis the xvll was murderd caused the revouloutionary war to stop Paris from winning and stopped slavery so we would stop but each side winning had bad causes but if louisxvll assassinated George Washington then the taij mahal would still have the effect of beauty - Ryder (Age 10) Toronto. We're not quite sure what Louis XVII and George Washington has to do with Ryder's bike ride but assume he wants to circumvent the world saving it. 
I would go to Germany,Italy,Greece or Australia and i would explore and try different foods - Eve (Grade 5) Toronto check out our story on Italy and Australia
 I would go to ancient Egypt because I would like to see ancient Egypt to learn their culture. - Jonah (Grade 6) Toronto  check out our story on Egypt
If I could jump on a bike and travel anywhere, I would travel to the prehistoric times and figure out what wiped out the dinosaurs, with, of course, a safe plan just in case a meteor really did hit the earth. -Siobhan (Grade 4) Toronto
I would go to Japan and see history museums, eat lots of sushi and other foods, go to amusement parks, see their robotics industry, and learn about their culture.- Jean Luc (Grade 6) Toronto
I would go to Rome during the rein of Julius Ceasar. There I would wear a beautiful toga and explore. I would also taste the food and go to the arena for one of the fights.- Tess (Grade 6) Toronto check out our story on Italy
If I could jump on a magic bike, I would go to Austria Germany. I would make a picnic and run around on the hills. - Mia (Grade 6) Toronto
If I could do anywhere, I would go to Kyoto, Japan. There I would admire the gardens and temples. I would also visit the 3 Imperial gardens. - AmeliaC (Grade 6) Toronto
I would go to medieval Melanesia. - Jackson (Grade 6) Toronto
I would go to Paris, France because it's so beautiful there. -Kaitlin (Grade 6) Toronto
I would go to England and I would go to Buckingham Palace. - Evelyn (Grade 6) Toronto  check out our story on London



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