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Solve Global Warming

Solve Global Warming

Build a bubble that covers the pollution and the bubble cleans the airIn the mission Solve Carbon Tax, readers were asked to find innovative solutions to solve pollution at home and how they would deal with the issue of pollution vs. jobs.  We had some pretty thought provoking responses on this.  Here are some of them. 


From James (Age 8) Toronto: I won't eat so much meat. If I were Mayor of Luctusville, I would build a bubble that covers the pollution and the blow inside cleans the air. 

From Erwind (Age 10) Toronto: Instead of buying commerical fidget spinners, I will make my own paper ninja spinners. If I were Mayor of Luctusville, I would shut down the factory. 

From Mirabella (Age 10) TorontoI would learn how to garden and plant plants all over.  If I were Mayor of Luctusville, I would put a cap so that they can only have so much pollution, and I would plant garden mums, spider plants, and dracaena plants. I would also start making a few smaller factories, so that it has less pollution and put some people in that company. I would put a cap on all the factories and make them all powered on plants, so they don't pollute.

From Ryder (Age 10) Toronto: Convince mom to sometimes use the public transit and help the environment by growing things that help the Earth. If I were Mayor of Luctusville, I would shut down the factory and negotiate with other corporations to give the people  equal jobs as they have in the factory

From Zeina (Age 12) Oakville: I could only use and buy what I need. I could also start walking or cycling and maybe also carpooling to reduce pollution. I would have to recycle and compost and encourage more people to do that as well. If I were Mayor of Luctusville,I would fine the factory for every time they go over their pollution limit which should encourage them to find new materials and use reusable products.

From Hussein (Age 13) OakvilleI could stop using the car to drive to places that are near me and use my bike instead. If I were Mayor of Luctusville, I would fine the company so that they have to quickly find a way to reduce pollution levels.

From Nikita (Age 10) Toronto: I would tell people to bike more than use cars.  If I were Mayor of Luctusville, I would plant plants so then when you pollute the plants absorb the pollution.

From Bassel (Age 12) Mississauga: I would use the car less.   If I were Mayor of Luctusville, I would shut down the company. 

From Evelyn (Grade 5) Toronto:  I would reduce pollution by using one car instead of two to reduce pollution.  I would close the factory that pollutes and give jobs to parents to clean up the town instead. 

From Siobhan (Grade 4) Toronto:  I would reduce pollution by making people could hold their breath for six minutes a day, thirty seconds every time because every time you breath, carbon dioxide comes out. They could also plant more trees, to eat up the carbon dioxide we didn't hold in.   If I were Mayor of Luctusville, I would shut down the factory because keeping the factory would be cruel and harmful to the environment. The people who work there could have their jobs replaced because working at a factory isn't the only job in the world.

From Jackson (Grade 6) Toronto:  I would reduce pollution by asking people who have close jobs to their home to bike or walk, to recycle, reduce and reuse, to stop methane and emissions to make the Ozone Hole stop growing, and plant more trees. I would keep the factory that pollutes but would have farmers plant and raise crops and livestock, and some burly men could be hired to help out. Women could weave and sew and sell their clothes for money. Butchers could sell the livestock they butcher that they bought from the farmers and everyone could be happy.

From Philip (Grade 6) Toronto: I would stop wasting food at home,  I would tell the mayor of Luctusville to get the people other jobs that are not polluting. 

From Jonah (Grade 6) Toronto: I would use LED lights. The Mayor of Luctusville should destroy the factory. 

From Eve (Grade 5) Toronto:  I would tell my parents to only use the car if you need to take it really far.  The mayor of Luctusville should build more places that do not pollute the air so the people have more places to work without polluting the town.

From Irena (Grade 4) Toronto:  I could drive one car instead of two. I would suggest people get new jobs first before shutting down the factory. 

From AmeliaH (Grade 6) Toronto:  I would try to use LED lights, to save energy, and plant some trees. Also, I would try to carpool as often as possible, to save some gas.  I would build a smaller factory using money that I received by selling the old one. Then, construction workers could earn more money, and the factory workers would keep their jobs. 

From AmeliaC (Grade 6) Toronto: Don't leave the lights on and bike more.  Use cap and trade. That way we could pollute less, but people could still have jobs. 

From Alex (Grade 5) Toronto: Turn off the lights.  Make other jobs that are less polluting and loose the factory.

From Mairirois (Grade 5) Toronto: I would turn of the lights in the day and not use that much air conditioning but most important we should not use the car . And the last one is that we should play more outdoors than in indoors because we may be wasting energy when we don't actually need it.  I would tell the people of Luctusville to destroy the factory but they could still have their jobs because they could work in an Eco-friendly environment this would help the city because the parents still got to keep their jobs and the environment would have no pollution.

From Genevieve (Grade 6) Toronto: I would make multiple changes in my home such as eat less red meat, change my light bulbs to led lights, walk or ride my bike rather than drive, don't turn on the a c unnecessarily, learn about the environment, carpool, plant a garden and reduce reuse recycle. If I were the mayor of Luctusville, I would invest in the company to buy new equipment that was green and good for the environment. These equipments would speed up their process of making their products, so I could charge higher taxes for the increased business. 


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