Which Bank for Me?

Wondering which Bank is good for you at this stage in life?  Let's compare the interest rates between banks and find out. 

Name Interest Rate in Big Bank Interest Rate in Local Bank Interest Rate in Credit Union Interest Rate in Online Bank  Which bank would you invest in? What criteria are important for you in a bank?
Jacob (age 11) CIBC (0.15%) IC Savings (1.25%) Duca (0.25%) Tangerine (1.25%) CIBC That your money is safe and that it’s easy to get your money.
Trayson (age 12) TD (0.05%) Tangerine (1%) Meridian (3.19%) Alterna (0.25%) Meridian or Tangerine Customer Service
Athrun (age 11) TD (0.05%) Buduchnist (1.5%) Meridian (1.5%) Tangerine (1.25%) Meridian Credit Union To save and get more money for when I am older.  They are helping kids start accounts by not having any fees.  They have mobile and online banking.
Kiera (age 13) TD (0.05%) Alterna Bank (0.05%) Meridian (1.50%) Tangerine (1.25%) Meridian Credit Union - Easy and quick customer service
- Safe
- Fees
Aryan (Age 9)  TD (0.05%) National Bank (1.05%) Meridian (1.50%) Motive Financial (1.50%) Meridian Credit Union  - How close it is
- good customer service
- share in the profit of the credit union 
Rohaan (Age 12)  TD (0.05%) Alterna Bank (0.05%) Meridian (1.50%) Simplii Financial (1.25%) Meridian Credit Union - Customer service
- Easily navigable website
- Multiple locations 
- I should have all my banking needs taken care of at one location.
Ben (Age 9) TD (0.05%) Bank of China  Meridian (1.50%) Tangerine (1.10%) TD Safety & Customer Service
Tyler (Age 12) TD (0.05%) Bank of China Meridian (1.50%) Tangerine (1.10%) TD Customer Service 
Alex (Age 16) TD (0.05%) CIBC (0.15%) Meridian (0.10%) Tangerine (1.25%) RBC Close to home.  Have lots of ATM machines. Good Service.  High interest rate
Spencer (Age 12)

RBC (0.15%)

National (0.10%) Meridian (1.50%)

Tangerine (1.25%)

Tangerine Location & Fees
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