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Create Your Own Website

Create Your Own Website

Create Your Own Website

April 12th to April 16th

12:30 - 1:30pm EST

Zoom Link:


We had an amazing last class today working on and publishing our very own websites! We started the class with a tutorial on how to add buttons (links to other pages/ websites) to help our viewers find information more quickly and then we went over how to add passwords to our website so in the future if we want our websites to be more private we can! We then hopped onto Wix and worked on finishing up our websites! When we were done we published sites!


Here are screen shots of Jacqueline and Simona's homepage's! So Cool!

It was a pleasure teaching you both, your websites turned out amazing, I hope you had fun learning how to create your own website!

Have a great day!

-Kaitlin :)

P.s. Here are some helpful links if you have any questions or problems with your site in the future.

Wix Blog | Web Design & Small Business Tips to Promote Your Site

Wix Help Center

Wix Technical Assistant | Help Center |

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