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Create Your Own Website

Create Your Own Website

Create Your Own Website 

March 25th - May 13th

Time: Thursday’s at 5:00pm-6:00pm

Microsoft Teams Link:


We had a great first day back after spring break! We started off the class learning about how to make an ‘About You’ page, we talked about why they are useful, and the different things we can add to them. We then learned about what a ‘Contact’ page is and how it can be a great way to interact with our viewers while keeping our email private. We then took a look at Logos! We talked about what they are and the different kinds of designs such as a wordmark, abstract mark, and combination mark. We then jumped onto Canva, a design website, and made our own logos for our websites! 

Once we were done with our logos we went on to Wix and did a little homepage refresher, going over how to add things like a menu bar and how to change the background. Next we added a new page with a contact form and went over how to change the colour and fonts! After that we made a new page for our ‘About You’ page and went over how to add elements such as an Image, Text, and different decorations and stickers! 

For homework, finish up your homepage with a menubar, your logo, a title, and the background and try to finish up your ‘About You’ and ‘Contact’ pages if you have the time this week. Next class we will be learning about blogs! And of course making our own!

Have a great week!

-Kaitlin :)

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