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Creating a Sales Pitch (July 12-16)

Creating a Sales Pitch (July 12-16)

Day 5 

Thank you for an amazing week of classes, everyone! And today was my favourite! We had some excellent sales pitches by everybody!

Your presentations were amazing, I have added feedback into your final reports. Please read and make your presentations even better!

I have sent everybody their certificates, please let me know if you haven't received yours.

I hope you had a lot of fun and learned a lot!

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Day 2 
Thank you for another amazing class!
What we did: We had a discussion on the features vs. benefits of this product and discussed the branding. We discussed why branding matters and how to place logos in presentation for emphasis. We also did research on existing direct and indirect customers.
What we do tomorrow: Let's finish our initial strategy and discuss how to deliver a good elevator pitch.
Day 1:
What an amazing class!
What we did: We had a very fun introduction sharing our own experiences with public speaking and pitches. We did a few thinking exercises for our projects this week. We highlighted ideas for a new product for an existing product that exists in the real world and discussed the target market and concept in question.
What we do tomorrow: We discuss the importance of branding in sales presentations!
See you tomorrow :)
Welcome to Creating a Sales Pitch! 

My name is Savindi. I will also be your child's Entrepreneurial coach this week.

The purpose of this camp is to teach children the potential of Sales Pitches from a public speaking and entrepreneurial point of view.

Through the week, they will be learning about Customer Segmentation, Elevator pitches, Storytelling in Sales, Post-sale discipline and more! They have a final big pitch to end of the class in a professional sales presentation style!

I have met repeat students and so many of them have already built a business. It is so exciting to see them implement what they have learned through our Entrepreneurship, Video Editing, Graphic Design, and Website building classes. 

Here is the information you need to connect to the program on Monday:

Zoom Link:



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