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e-Around the World (July 12-16)

Friday July 16, 2021

Thank you for an amazing week of E-Around the World camp! 

Today we travelled all the way to India! During camp we shared our knowledge about India and its geographical location, and some of the historical landmarks throughout the country! We also learned some new Hindi words, all about some of India's most popular dishes and how Diwali is celebrated. We finished off camp by creating our very own Rangoli design. 

Thank you again for a fabulous week of camp. I hope to see you in future camps at Explorerhop!

- Marissa


Thursday July 15, 2021

Class Time: July 12-16 from 3-4pm EST

Zoom Link:

Buenas Tardes!

Another really awesome day of Around the World Camp! Well done.

Today we travelled all the way to Ecuador! During camp, we learned about Ecuador's geographical location and their local wildlife populations. We also learned about the most popular cultural foods native to Ecuadorians. Lastly, we learned some new Spanish words and phrases, and became educated on Ecuador's popular celebration Inti Raymi. 

We also got the chance to design our very own Ecuadorian costumes! Amazing work. 

Tomorrow we will travel to India! See you there!

- Marissa :) 

Wednesday July 14, 2021

Class Time: July 12-16 from 3-4pm EST

Zoom Link:

Hola! Como Estás?

What a fun day of Around the World Camp! Great work.

Today we got to travel all the way to Mexico! We learned about traditional foods, festivals and ways of life. We also got the chance to learn about a popular Mexican festival: The Day of the Dead! Lastly, we created our very own original Calavera. Amazing artistic skills showcased during camp, awesome job.

Tomorrow we will travel to.... its a surprise! See you there.

- Marissa :)


Tuesday July 13, 2021

Class Time: July 12-16 from 3-4pm EST

Zoom Link:


We had another fabulous day of camp. Outstanding work! 

Today we got the chance to e-travel all the way to Egypt! We learned about their culture, importance practices, special holidays and national food dishes. We also learned to speak 4 new Arabic words! Lastly, we got the chance to go through a virtual tour of the Giza pyramid and explore hidden caves! It was super fun!

Where will we travel next? Its a surprise...See you tomorrow!

- Marissa :)

Monday July 12, 2021

Class Time: July 12-16 from 3-4pm EST

Zoom Link:

Hello Everyone!

What an amazing first day of class! We had tons of fun exploring a key country in Northern Europe...

Today we virtually travelled to Denmark and learned all about their country, different celebrations traditional practices and what the kids do for fun!

Tomorrow we will travel too....Its a surprise! See you at Around the World Camp on Tuesday.

If you have any questions please feel free to reach out via email.

- Marissa


Hello, Bonjour, Hola, Ciao!

Welcome to E-Around the World. My name is Marissa and I will be your tour guide and teacher for this week. I am very excited to get started on Monday.

The world we live in today makes travelling the globe a little tricky... but you are in luck! With E-Around the World your child will get the chance to explore a new country each day! We will learn all about different countries, their languages and cultural practices!

Class Time: July 12-16 from 3-4pm EST

Zoom Link:

- Marissa :)

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