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Kid Entrepreneurs

Kid Entrepreneurs

Kid Entrepreneurs

March,24th, 2021 - May,12th, 2021

5:00pm to 6:00pm EST

Microsoft Link:


We had an awesome first class back after Spring Break! We Started the class with a very sour  taste test! Cameron bravely took a bite of a lemon slice and gave it a thumbs up!


After a few sour faces we jumped into a recap of what we accomplished before the break, looking at our logo, brand name, drink sizing & naming, our prices, benefits!

Once we were all caught up we compared the differences between what our business would need if we were to have a real life lemonade stand vs. what we need for an online lemonade stand. We had a great time brainstorming all the differences and similarities between the two!


Next week we will be learning about and coming up with a jingle for our business! Be sure to bring a piece of fruit or a fruit smoothie and an interesting fruit related fact to share in class next week!


Looking forward to next week!

- Kaitlin :) 


As always we would really appreciate it if you left us a review at:

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