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Kid Entrepreneurs (August 2 - 7)

Kid Entrepreneurs (August 2 - 7)

Day 5 (August 6):


In today's class we finished working on and designing the recipe books.

You will be able to purchase them shortly here:

Have a good summer!


Day 4 (August 5):


Today we came up with a pricing strategy for the products and wrote a product description for the web page.

Tomorrow we will keep working on the bonus recipe book Evelyn thought of, and finish up!

Here is the webpage:

See you tomorrow!


Day 3 (August 4):


In today's class we finished building and designing the recipe book, and we also made an e-book cover!

We also learned about a product pitch and wrote one of or own.

Tomorrow we will finish working on the pitch, write a pricing strategy, and make the product page.

See you tomorrow!


Day 2 (August 3):


Today we worked on our marketing plan - we learned what marketing is and created Instagram marketing posts to be posted on social media.

We also started working on the recipe book and will finish working on it tomorrow.

In tomorrow's class we will learn about a product pitch and write a jingle for the company.

See you tomorrow!


Day 1 (August 2):

Hello! What a great first day we had today!

In today's class we learned about the 3 types of businesses, what makes a businesses successful, and what makes a good company name and logo.

We then chose a name for the business, designed an awsome logo for it, and chose a charity to which we want to donate the money to.

Tomorrow, we will make a marketing plan and start the recipe book.

See you soon!


Welcome to E-Kid Entrepreneurs!

Hello everyone! My name is Nelly and I will be your kids' entrepreneurship coach for the week!

During this week, the kids will create their own business and learn about everything it takes to make a business in the real world!

Zoom link:

Class time: 10am - 11am EST (Toronto time)

See you all soon!

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