Personal Finance (April 12-16, 2021)


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Day 3

Hi everyone,

Today,  we learned about what is Loans & Advanced Loans. We spoke about credit cards and how credit scores play a vital role in our lives. We also looked into acceptable and bad debt and how to prioritize them when it comes to paying them back.

Tomorrow, we will continue to finish the remaining portions of Loans and talk about Tax and Investments.

See you guys tomorrow! :D

Day 2

Hi everyone,

Today,  we learned about what is banking. We spoke about the many products that banks offer and how we can prepare for them. We also discussed a little into Loans and credit scores.

Tomorrow, we will continue the lessons for loans, credit cards and credit scores. These are some of the most important topics of our curriculum, so get ready!

See you guys tomorrow! :D


Day 1

Hi everyone,

We had an amazing first day, it was so nice to meet all of you!

Today we learned about Golden Rules of Savings and Balanced Life and how to effectively prioritize your spending.

Throughout this week we will be learning about banking, insurance, debt, credit, loans and making the right types of investments. On Friday, we have an exciting game to play where everything we learned comes into play so please pay close attention.

See you tomorrow!

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