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Welcome to Create Your Own Website

Welcome to Create Your Own Website

Welcome to Explorer Hop! 

Explorer Hop is an innovative financial literacy and entrepreneurship program based in Toronto, Canada.  Over the last year, more than 3500 students from over 14 countries have been in our programs.

Create Your Own Website is a fun five day introduction to website design! We will be covering the essentials of website design such as: Internet safety, Graphic Design for the Web, and How to Maximize their Websites Potential. This course aims to provide your child with website design know-how and tech confidence that they can bring with them in all their future website building endeavors! 

This course consists of five one hour classes full of fun learning and activities.

For our first class your child will need an email to log into our web designing site and access to a web browser such as google.

Please bookmark this page as daily updates will be provided here. 

When: April 12th - 16th


Time: 12:30-1:30 pm (EST)


Looking forward to our first class! 

  • Kaitlin :)
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