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Young Entrepreneurs - Grade 5, 11:30 a.m., Thursdays - KCS

Young Entrepreneurs - Grade 5, 11:30 a.m., Thursdays - KCS


Hi Everyone!

We are continuing classes next week until June 10th.

We've got more fun projects for the groups. 

See you next week 😆

Day 10 (May 27th):

Hey everyone!

Today's workshop focused on advanced marketing strategies such as public relations and partnerships. 
The kids learned how to write a professional outreach emails to influencers, media outlets, and business partners. Then, the kids chose a specific person to write to and wrote out an outreach email to them.

Next week's workshop will have a guest speaker who is a graphic design expert. She will go over the e-books with the kids and help them edit them to make them look perfect and professional.

See you all next class!


Day 9 (May 20th):

Hello everyone!

In today's class we learned how to make animated, stop motion commercials for our businesses. During this workshop, we learned how to create and edit animations on Canva, and how to make them into a real GIF. 

Next class we will dive into the essentials of marketing, and learn the importance of it for a business that wants to be successful- like us!

See you all next week :)


Day 8 (May 13th):

Hello everyone!

Today we finished creating and designing our eBooks. Everyone had a great input and amazing ideas for the eBooks, and I am really proud of everybody putting such a great effort into this project!

Next class, we will be doing some more fun projects!

See you all next class on May 20th.


Day 7 (May 6th):

Hello all!

In today's class we focused on building and developing our final product, which included writing out interesting and detailed recipes for the girls' group, and finding great tips and tricks for Roblox for the boys' group. 

We then started designating and editing the eBooks, filled with the great ideas of the kids!

Next class, we will be done the eBooks and add some finishing touches to make them special and unique. 

Hope to see you all next class!


Day 6 (April 29th):

Hello everyone!

Today we started developing the pricing strategy for the businesses and came up with a calculated method to decide how to price our products. 

The kids also designed their eBook covers, you can see the amazing designs here: Sugar GaloreRoblox Tips and Tricks . Additionally, the kids started working on the content of their eBooks.

Next class, we will keep working on adding content to the eBooks and start building the final product.

Thank you all for the cooperation.


Day 5 (April 8th):

Hello everyone!

In today's class we kept working on the social media posts for our businesses, and came up with amazing promotions for our customers.

Next class we will finish up all of the marketing for the companies, come up with a pricing strategy and start building our products.

PLEASE NOTICE: today's class was cut short due to a Mental Health workshop the kids had from school, which as we all know is a very important matter.
For this reason, we will have an additional 30 minutes to our next class so that class will go from 11:30am-1pm.
Additionally, since the kids are on break for 2 weeks, we will resume our class on April 29th.

Thank you all for the cooperation, have a great week!


Day 4 (April 1st):

Hey everyone, hope you're all doing well!

In today's class we started learning about the sales funnel and why does a business need to follow it to be successful. We focused on the first step today, which is awareness. 
Our marketing managers took control and, with the help of their group members, planned the marketing strategy for the business. 

Some groups have already started working on their social media posts, but we will continue working on those next class along with coming up with a pricing strategy and learning about a product pitch.

Thank you all for the cooperation, I hope to see you all next class.


Day 3 (March 25th):

Hello everyone!
Today we learned about what happens inside the company before launching the products. We then assigned the roles of the company between the groups' members, wrote a product description to help our customers understand what the businesses are for, and our operations managers took charge of the business plan.

Next class, the finance managers will make a pricing strategy with the members of the group and our sales/marketing managers will come up with a marketing strategy. 

Hope to see you all next class, have a great weekend!


Day 2 (March 18th):

Hey everyone, hope you are all doing well!
In today's class the kids got the chance to work in their groups and come up with name ideas for their businesses' and even design their own logos, which will be added below.

Next class, we will choose the roles of the company, make the business plan, decide on a pricing strategy and write a product description.

Thank you all for your collaboration, see you next week!


Day 1 (March 11th):

Hey everyone! It was so awsome getting to know all of you and hearing your wonderful ideas for our business.
Today we learned about the different types of businesses out there and what makes a business successful. We brainstormed ideas for our businesses and camp up with some awsome things!

Next class we will decide the names of our businesses, design a logo and write a product description for our company.

Thank you for coming to today's class, I look forward to seeing you all next week!



Hi everyone, my name is Nelly :) I am a student at the University of Toronto, studying Mathematics, Statistics and Business.  

I am an Explorer Hop instructor, working mainly in in-school programs, and for the next two months I will be your kid's entrepreneurship coach!

During this program the kids will team up to start a company which creates and sells real products or service. By starting their own company, the kids will gain valuable skills in marketing, team work and business planning.

I look forward to seeing you all every Thursdays at 11.30am.


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