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A Precarious Landing

 “Explorer Hop tandem bicycleBreathe VERY CAREFULLY and be quiet,” whispered Mira in a very firm tone.  “Are we in heaven?” asked Hari.  “It wouldn’t surprise me if she finally landed us there,” replied Teus with a wicked smirk on his face.  Hari put his hand together to thank all the good gods above for keeping him safe and felt something odd below. He looked  down and saw just air!   They were floating!!

“We are dead,” he said very solemnly and matter of factly.

Mira reached for the Anulap who gave their coordinates as, “ Paris, France.  2075 AD.  You are balancing on the tip of the Eiffel Tower”. Sucking their stomachs in, they all breathed very carefully, each one wondering how to get out of this situation.

Just then, they heard a whoooosh sound and saw a friendly little blonde girl sitting on top of what could only be described as a UFO with a Lazy Boy recliner in it.  “Bonjour! Vouz avez besoin d’aide?” she asked. “Oui!” shouted Mira and before the others could say anything, she plonked Luctus Velo on this flying saucer. 

“Je m’appelle Sofie,” introduced the little girl.  “BONJOUR!” said Teus.  “Namaste,” replied back Hari, who had never seen such a pretty girl before. He was convinced he had landed in heaven. 

“What is this structure we are in?” enquired Teus.  “It’s a PTD. You know a personal transportation deeevize,” said Sofie in a very strong French accent, “And I’m not trading it in for that,” she laughed pointing to poor old Luctus Velo.  They glided across Paris and were mesmerized by what they saw.

On the ground, there were beautiful parks and avenues with very fashionable people. In the sky, there were hundreds of small space crafts of different sizes whizzing by. Sofie explained that these were delivery drones and they had everything from someone’s crepe lunch to the eraser they forgot to take to school being delivered.  “Wow,” said Teus, totally amazed at just how futuristic things were.

As they glided around the city, all the travellers took turns pointing out the famous buildings and squealing in delight! They passed the Eiffel Tower they had landed on, then the Sacre Coeur church, then Notre Dame church, then L’Arc de Triomphe, Tuilleries gardens and Champs Elysee. It was truly the best ride they had ever been on.  Sofie explained she needed to stop at the Louvre to deliver some items for a new sprinkler so they would have time to look around the magnificent collection there. The travellers could not believe their luck! 

 >> What happens at the Louvre?

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