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What is Explorer Hop?

At Explorer Hop, our core is teaching money management and entrepreneurship. We understand that these subjects go hand-in-hand with applied STEM skills, so we also created our own innovative tech and science programs that provide a foundation for our young entrepreneurs and financial wizards. Our unique programs equip kids with the practical creativity and real-life skills they need for a successful future in an engaging, stress-free learning environment. 

Our Expertise


It’s never too early to get your child learning about money. In our program, kids as young as 9-years-old learn how to manage money and invest, often seeing 30% returns in their virtual portfolios!


Our entrepreneurship program gives kids the confidence to become independent, responsible adults, start their own initiatives, and kickstart future endeavours. Kids who have been through the program have collectively raised over $10,000!


The world is getting smaller, and in such a diverse city as Toronto, it’s imperative kids understand and respect the cultures around us to become the leaders of tomorrow. In our program, we teach kids how to be global citizens and embrace cultural differences.


Voted top educational STEM programs in the GTA, our programs let kids actively create technology vs. just consuming it, such as building robots, doing cool science experiments, and applying math, logic, and art into creating a board game. The sky’s the limit!


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