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Adventure in Italy: Meeting the Great Master Da Vinci

<<Back to Oh! Glorious Milan  Mira & Teyus in Italy. Armour inside Milan Fortress.They walked through great hallways filled with armour and entered a room with papers strewn all over the floor!

At the end of the room, a man was working on a canvas on a large flat table. He was surrounded by others who also seemed to be working on their own projects. The man glanced up to see Salai with his strange- looking visitors.


“Da Vinci”, he said in a very grumpy tone, not pleased at the thought of having to make polite conversation with these strangely-dressed characters who had just entered his studio. He did not want his work on the sketch of a man in front of him interrupted especially as he could not figure out how the proportions measured up. Mira came towards the picture and smiled.  Mira & Teyus in Italy. Leonardo DaVinci

“It’s the Golden Rule” she told him. “Look, if you measure the height of someone, it should be equal to the span of the arms.”

To illustrate the point, she lay down flat on the ground, stretched out her arms and marked the points made by her fingertips with chalk. Then she stretched her hands out and put one fingertip on one of the chalk markings, as the stretched the other arm out, her fingertips automatically on the other chalk point.” Da Vinci was still skeptical about what she had said.  Mira & Teyus in Italy.  Height = arm span

“Look!” she said again to prove her point, and measured her height again using her hand span. It took exactly 10 hand spans to cover the distance of her height.  Mira & Teyus in Italy. 10 handspans = height

“There is a circular reference here it seems. If only I could figure it out” grumbled the great Da Vinci.  Mira & Teyus in Italy. Teyus drawing a circleTeyus, pulled out his multi-utility knife and made a triangle with the handle and the blade. He then connected a pen to the knife with some string and standing on top of the markings of Mira's height, drew an almost perfect circle with the centre exactly where her belly button would have been.

Da Vinci was overjoyed! These strange young people from a far away land had helped him figure out his most pressing problem.

He now had proof that the human body was all about proportions. If you were to draw a circle using the distance from your belly button to the tip of your toes as your radius, then your outstretched arms and legs would all be contained within that circle The Vitruvian Man had been created!  Mira & Teyus in Italy.  Vitruvian Man

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