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Adventure in New York City. Statue of Liberty.

<< Read where the whole story began  Mira & Teyus in New York City. Statue of Liberty.“Ladies and Gentlemen, on your left is the world-famous Statue of Liberty. Originally intended as a gift to Egypt, the statue was actually red when it arrived here in New York City. Over time however, the copper was oxidized which gradually changed its colour to the bluish-green we know today.” The voice of a tour guide crackled over the speakers.

“Wow!” exclaimed Teyus, looking up at the Statue of Liberty. He glanced over at Mira and Hari who were alternatively looking at the New York City skyline. It’s one of the most skylines in the world, dominated by the incredible statue that forever symbolizes liberty and equality for all.  Mira & Teyus in New York City.  NYC Skyline.

Mira took out the Anulap, it read:

‘September 1993, New York City. You are in a boat having a pleasant water tour of New York.’

All the travellers had immense grins on their faces. They could not believe they had landed in the most exciting city of modern times! Sitting back, they enjoyed the wind on their faces and took in all the magnificent buildings around them. Teyus couldn’t even resist pointing out how Mira had landed them so well that no one had even noticed.  Mira & Teyus in New York City. Looking for Luctus velo.“But, where is Luctus velo?” whispered Hari very silently. The look of alarm spread quickly on their faces. They looked below their chairs, around them, everywhere! There was no Luctus anywhere. Mira even opened her satchel.

“It’s not going to be in your bag!” said Teyus, rolling his eyes. He quickly scanned the boat to see if Luctus could be somewhere else on the boat but he couldn’t see it. Finally, his eye caught something bobbing outside of the boat in the water. “It’s there!” he shouted.

The travelers leaned over the edge but couldn’t reach it. Within moments, Luctus would drown! What could they possibly do?  Mira & Teyus in New York City.  Saving Luctus from drowingMira took out the hairband that was in her satchel, trying to hook on the bike. It didn’t work. In the meantime, Teyus had opened his multi-utility knife and was reaching out into the water, trying to grab one of the spokes. As he leaned further and further over the ledge trying to reach Luctus, Mira and Hari held his legs to make sure he wouldn’t fall.

“All passengers must be seated NOW!” a rather stern voice came from the captain’s cabin. There was commotion on the deck as people rushed towards the travellers, fearing Teyus might fall overboard.

Finally though, Teyus managed to use the hook on his knife to grab Luctus’s spoke. As he pulled the bike on board, he looked at Mira and burst out laughing. “So much for a nice landing!” he exclaimed.

Shortly after, the boat pulled into shore and approached the docks. One of the attendants made his way towards the travellers and raising an eye brow, pointed down at Luctus and told them in a very stern voice, “No bikes allowed on this vessel! You must disembark immediately!” He ushered them to the exit which just happened to be at the base of the beautiful Brooklyn Bridge.

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