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Adventure in New York City. The New York Cheesecake

<< Back to Statue of  Mira & Teyus in New York City.  South Street Seaport.

They stepped into the quaint streets of South Street Seaport, lined with all sorts of souvenir shops and restaurants.

As they were walking by Lloyd’s New York Style Cheesecake, they overheard a man arguing with the owner, asking for a refund.  Mira & Teyus in New York City.  New York Cheesecake“This isn’t real New York Cheesecake!” the man shouted.

Sensing trouble, Hari quickly reached in his pocket and gave Lloyd a tiny bottle filled with liquid. “Drizzle this on the cheesecake!” he suggested.

The result was transformative and the customer walked away satisfied with his purchase. Lloyd was very grateful and gave the kids some of his delicious cheesecake. It totally hit the spot for Teyus.

“What did you give him?” asked Mira, always suspicious of what comes out of Hari’s very flat, very ‘magical’ pockets.

“Chocolate sauce with a hint of cayenne peppers”, said Hari with a grin. "It seems to be the flavour of the month."

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