Adventure in India: Another Problem!

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As the crowd bowed down to show their respect to the King, Mira and Teyus could only hope that the moment would end well. They held their breaths. They held everything! Not a single thought went through their minds. They focused on the King, his elephant and the hurriedly patched-up bridge.

Finally, the King and the royal group passed over the ramp! The crowd was overjoyed! The cries of celebration were amplified many times over.

When the King finally stood in front of the building, he slowly tugged at the large cloth hanging over the monument. The cloth inched its way down revealing the circular domes of the gorgeous building. Everyone gasped! They had ever seen such magnificence.

But then, something happened! The cloth became stuck! It wouldn’t come down! All the ladders had been removed and the pulleys which could have taken someone all the way to the top had been cut! What could they do? The crowd grew restless and the King was clearly anxious.  Mira & Teyus in India. Mira and the Human Pyramid“Hari, get as many strong people as you can and meet me up there.” shouted Mira, as she ran up the ramp pointing in the direction of the King.  

As volunteers arrived to help, Mira put them in groups and started to build a human pyramid to reach up to the point where the cloth was stuck. Ensuring that there was perfect symmetry and a balanced load on all sides, Mira climbed on top of this human pyramid.

She stretched out her hand but could not reach the cloth.  Very carefully, she went up on her toes, and balanced herself on top of this formidable human structure with only two toes!  She stretched her fingers but still couldn't reach. Then she sucked in her stomach, reached as far as she could and finally, with the very tip of her index finger she was able to dislodge the cloth! 

As the cloth tumbled down, the audience stood still. Everyone was in total awe of the beauty of the building.  Never before and never again would such a magnificent building be built.  It was indeed a sign of the true love of a husband for his wife.   

It was evening now, and the travellers needed to return home to Toronto.  They bowed their heads and said “Namaste” to Hari and jumped on Luctus velo.  Mira & Teyus in India.  Hari bikeBut, just as the bike was leaving, Hari came running towards them.  In a blink of an eye, he climbed on the back.  Mira tried to stop the bike, but with no brakes it was a futile effort.  Luctus velo started it’s ascent towards Toronto.  There was no going back!

“Hari!  What are you doing? You can’t come with us!!”  yelled Teyus.  “Oh no!” shouted Mira, “I can't stop!   How will we ever get him back to India in this same time period!”.

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