Fairy Bread and Carbon Tax  Carbon Tax. Lamingtons & Fairy Bread“Grandma! We’ve been to the bottom of an ocean in a submarine!” shouted Mira, as she and Teyus ran in.

“My Goodness! Well, sit down and tell me all about it” replied Grandma Tara who loved to hear the adventures and stories of the young travellers. “But before you do, look at what I cooked for you from my new Australian cookbook!”

The travellers noticed some colourful bread with sprinkles on the table.

“That’s fairy bread” Grandma offered. She pointed to the yummy looking cakes with chocolate on top, “And those are Lamingtons.” Teyus couldn’t help but ask about the third snack, “And those?” pointing to the mini pies on the table. “Thai curry pie” said Granny with a smile.

The travellers sat at the table and between mouthfuls of food, told Grandma about their adventures in Australia. Teyus was still very disturbed by the plastic bottles and other waste he saw at the bottom of the ocean while Mira was worried about the ozone hole. Both wondered why governments couldn’t do something to fix this.  Carbon Tax“Ah! The Carbon Tax” said Grandma, she had the smile of someone who had discussed the topic many times before.

“What’s Carbon Tax?” asked Mira.

Grandma poured the kids some lemonade and made herself comfortable, this was going to be a long chat.

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