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How to Withdraw & Deposit: Using an ATM

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She went in front of the ATM and stood still.  In front of her was an incredible machine in the wall that ate and spat out money! 

Suddenly, the words came on the screen “Welcome please put your card in to proceed”

Edna followed the picture of the card but it took several tried to get it correct, finally the machine ate up her card and a message came on the screen, “Enter your Pin”.

Edna looked a bit confused, why would the machine in the wall want the pin on her scarf?

Finally she saw the 4 empty boxes on the screen and remembered the secret code Jonah had told her.  She typed in 1-1-1-1

“Hello Edna. What would you like to do today?”

Edna squealed in delight!  The machine in the wall knew her name!  How clever!

She saw the options and it said

“Withdraw, Deposit, Quick Withdraw $10, Balance”

Edna rubbed her hands like she was at the casino, she knew what Withdraw and Deposit means, but what does Quick Withdraw and Balance mean?  She decided to try it out!

“Quick Withdrawal” she thought and pressed the arrow next to it. 

All of a sudden there was a gurgling noise, then a churning noise, then a swishing noise.  Edna could not even believe what happened next, $20 came out from the mouth of the machine. 

She squealed in delight! Took the money out of the machine and quickly put it in her pocket.

Before she had even a second to breathe, the machine wrote on the screen “Would you like to do another transaction?”

“My goodness! It read my mind!” thought Edna totally impressed with the machine in the wall. 

She pressed Balance  and after the same gurgling sounds, out came another sheet which showed how much money she had in her account!

Edna’s squeals of delight very quickly turned sour.  “Oh dear it says I have MINUS $2.  Now I have to deposit this $10 back into the account”

When the machine asked her again, “Would you like another transaction?” she pressed the arrow next to Deposit.

“Please enter the amount you wish to deposit”.

“10” Edna entered, but when she looked on the screen it showed up as $0.10 – even Edna knew that was 10 cents!

She did It again and pressed 1000, now when she looked up she saw $10.00. 

“Please deposit in the envelopes provided” the machine said and an hourglass came on the screen! 

Oh NO! thought Edna “What envelope?”

Looking everywhere she found a stack of envelopes also hidden in the wall.  She took one out and put the money in it. 

But she was too slow and the machine timed out!  The hour glass was over! She had to do this a few times to get the timing correct. 

Finally she deposited back the money and out came a balance slip which showed the remaining amount in her account as $8

Whew! She was relieved.

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