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Keep Money Safe: Keep your Money in a Bank

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“A few months passed and Edna had begun saving again. She was determined to keep her money safe this time and decided to hide it in an old teddy bear. It was such a brilliant place she figured, no one would ever know! She cut open the back of the teddy and put her money in, sewing it back up again. She was confident no one would ever find it.  Keeping Money Safe. Donating Toys with Money to charity
One day when Edna was out of the house, there was a knock on the door. Three kind people explained to Jonah that they were going through the neighbourhood conducting a toy drive. Jonah saw the old teddy with stitching across the back and thought, ‘Let some child play with this teddy. We don’t need it.’ With that, he donated it to charity.  Keeping Money Safe.  Crying over money lost.Edna came home and Jonah told her all about the charity and how he had gotten rid of some old toys including the teddy. She couldn’t believe Jonah had given all her savings away to a toy drive! Jonah had no idea there was money in the teddy, Edna had never told Jonah about it. She was crying again, it’s all she could do!

Jonah said, “Why don’t you just put all the money in the bank where it will remain safe!”

Edna nodded her head, for Jonah was right.  Keeping Money Safe.  Keep Money in a Bank.So, Rule Number 2: Keep your money in a bank. It’s a lot safer than anywhere in your home.”


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