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Keeping Money Safe: Be Discreet with your Money

<< Back to:  Worries and an Egyptian Meal Keeping Money Safe. Edna and Jonah“When I was a child, our neighbour was a farmer called Jonah and his wife was Edna. Jonah was a quiet man who chose his words wisely and thought before he spoke. Edna, his wife, was the opposite.

Edna would receive gifts of money for her birthdays, anniversaries and all other occasions. She would ‘hide’ it in a ‘special place’ at home to keep it safe. Sometimes it was under the mattress, other times it was hidden in a shoe box under her bed. Other times, it was hidden inside boxes of cereal. Edna hiding valuables under her bed. Edna telling her secretsEdna thought she was being very clever and would often boast where she had hidden her money. She would tell Jonah of course but it didn’t stop there, she couldn’t contain herself! She would also tell the butcher’s wife, the soap maker’s wife, the tailor and even the mailman! Absolutely anyone who Edna thought would be impressed would be told about her ‘secret’ hiding place. So basically, everyone in the village knew where Edna had hidden her money that week.  Robber stealing from under the bedOne day, when Jonah and Edna were out shopping, a strange fellow entered their home. He overheard Edna tell the baker that her money was in a shoebox under her bed. The strange man tip-toed to her bedroom and took all the money, leaving the empty box there. Edna cryingWhen Edna came home she was distraught! Her savings were gone! Someone had stolen all of it! She wondered how they could have known where she had hidden her money, it was her ‘secret’ hiding place after all. It was only when Jonah told her a ‘secret’ hiding spot is not a secret if everyone knows about it.  Be Discreet with your MoneyWhich brings me to Rule Number 1: Be discreet about your money! No one needs to know where you keep your money or how much you have. Let your parents know if you must tell anyone. The more people who know where you keep your money, the less safe it is.”


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