How did this group of 8 kids raise $547,
in 90 minutes through a Lemonade Stand?

Create a Go Fund Me Campaign

Right from the beginning, the kids were determined to give money to charity. They decided that 50% of everything they raised would be shared with those in need. The charity they picked was Princess Margaret Cancer Fund. We showed them how to start a Go Fund Me campaign. They created a video themselves and the results were astonishing.

Network in the Community

On Day 3, the kids went door to door to the local businesses introducing themselves and telling them about the Lemonade Stand. Shopkeepers who never put up posters were happy to help them. This taught them how to present and approach people and how to start selling.

Differentiate your product

In what was a stroke of genius, one of the kids decided to add a blueberry mixture to the Lemonade on one of the trial days. It ended up being the secret ingredient with lots of takers.

Raise Awareness on Social Media

From day 1 the kids would create their own product and promo videos that were shared widely on social media and learnt how to create posts and the art of copy. They learnt about funnels and how to get people to buy and return for more! They also learnt how to tag organisations like the Princess Margaret Cancer Fund and a community newspaper, that helped them get traffic to their Lemonade Stand.

Find unique ways to divert traffic

One of the cleverest ideas was using sidewalk chalk to drive traffic to the site. Several people who saw their posters in the stores were further enticed to come along to the stand by seeing the signs on the sidewalks.


Optimize the power of Online Sales

Since the corner that was assigned to them was a quiet one, they took to the internet and pre-sold items for pick up. This not only guaranteed them a quantity to sell, but also showed them how important it is to look at different channels of sales.


The Result! $547 + Robert Oliphant (MP) came to visit them!  


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