Mission: Grade 5 Stock Market Challenge: Week 1

Your mission is to help Mira and Teyus invest their money smartly in the Stock Market.  You have been tasked with spending 3 weeks to find the best investment for them. 

Are you ready for the challenge?  


Day 2 (Feb 12, 2018): 

Wow!  You guys picked some awesome stocks!  I can't wait to see you guys make a killing in the stock market! 

** Yesterday's winner of the Investment Challenge is the KIDS!  Yay!!

Here is what you need to do today: 

1) Go to the Investment Challenge page and scroll down till you find your portfolio.  Look at the shares you picked on Day 1.  Click here to go there

2) Using the form below, write the EXACT SAME company tickers you had chosen yesterday, and in the EXACT same order. We will not change the companies this week. 

    3) If you did not use up the entire $10,000 in buying shares, then the remainder is in CASH  in your portfolio. You can use it to buy more shares of the companies you selected. 

    • Some of you may not have enough to buy more shares and that's ok, you can just keep some money in cash. 
    • Some of you may just prefer to keep a lot of money in cash and choose not to invest it.  That's ok too. 

    This is your portfolio so you decide what you want to do. 

    4) Note for Jack, Kiran, Lex, Aadi, Matteo, Leyla, Charlie & Oliver.  There are some changes needed to your portfolio please check the notes below.  

    • Jack: You need to reduce the number of shares you own so that your portfolio is reduced to total $10,000.  You are currently over budget. 
    • Kiran, Lex:  Please check the stock ticker you wanted to invest in.  You cannot buy a share of the NYSE (New York Stock Exchange).  
    • Aadi, Matteo, Layla:  The stock price you entered for the ticker was significantly different from the price listed on the market.  The money has not been used to buy shares. Instead it has been moved to the Cash balance.  To buy shares today, add the company, number of shares, price and total value of investment in the form below. 
    • Charlie, Oliver: No submission was received from you. You can start submitting from today, it doesn't matter. 



    Day 1 (Feb 9, 2018): 

    Here is what you need to do: 

    1. Decide what 4 companies you want to invest in. (Hint: Follow Granny's 4 rules of investing)
    2. What does this company do?
    3. Look up their TICKER SYMBOL. ( You can do this by simply searching searching online for the company name + ticket symbol )
    4. Why do you think it's a good investment?
    5. Let's follow the company for a week and see if there is pattern with the prices. 
    6. Complete this form every day that there is school and Submit it.  You will be able to follow your portfolio in the Gallery. 
    7. Try to understand why your investment value is changing every day. 

    Good Luck!



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