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Mission: Vitruvian Man vs. You  Mira & Teyus in Italy. Vitruvian Man
Mira, Teyus and Hari help Leonardo Da Vinci solve the problem of proportions in the Vitruvian man.  Da Vinci named his drawing after the Roman Architect, Vitruvius, who first documented human proportions. 
Let's do a fun activity to see how your geometric proportions stack up to that of the Vitruvian man. Remember, we are all unique with far more interesting geometrical shapes than the Vitruvian man. Let’s celebrate our uniqueness and find out how cool our bodies are.  
You may need to ask your sibling, parent or friend to help with the measuring tape.  And if you can’t find a measuring tape, don’t worry, just use a piece of string and a school ruler.
You will get 20 Explorer Points for this mission and can do it as many times as you like. 
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