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Mutual Funds : Introduction

Edna and Jonah had been very busy following their stocks.  Every day they would check the stock prices, read the news and discuss what they had learnt.  They even got really good at noticing what everyone was wearing, using, shopping and a lot more. In fact, they knew more about what was going on in the village than ever before!

However, it was taking so much time that Jonah didn’t have time to do all his farming.  His cows were unhappy because they weren’t being milked, the strawberries were not picked in time and even Edna’s chickens were not getting fed their grain on time.  While they were learning a lot and making money, the situation at home was a complete disaster!

 “We really must find another way to invest our money”, Edna mentioned to Jonah.  Both of them decided to go to the bank and talk to the Financial Adviser. 

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