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Opening a Bank Account: Who Does What in a Bank?

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Who does what in a bank?

Jonah and Edna nodded.  Jonah was still not sure. He had been in a bank only once, but he had no idea who to talk to. Everyone was dressed so fancy and were so busy behind glass walls.  He just wasn’t sure what to do when he went inside.

Grandma smiled as she remembered this, she had also been afraid the first time she had been in a bank.  She explained what various people do.

As soon as you enter, there may be a large desk with a few people behind it, they are called bank tellers.  Their job is to deal directly with the customers.  They count the money that clients bring in and withdraw.  They provide information and work as customer service representatives for the branch.

The word teller comes from an old English word that means “to count”.

After you pass the tellers, you see Financial Managers.  These folks have very fancy names because they do important work in a branch.   If you want a loan, or a mortgage to buy a new house, or a credit card, or even information to start your own business, these folks are trained to help you.  They always have a college degree and most have even passed an exam to be a Certified Financial Planner. 

And if you look around, you will see one person keeping an eye on everything and managing it quietly.  That is the Branch Manager.  The manager is responsible for everything that happens in the branch.  They look over the deposits and withdrawals that are taking place, they are responsible for marketing and getting more clients to their branches, they create relationships with the local community to attract more business into the branch.  If you have a problem with anything, the branch manager is the person you need to talk to. 

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