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Saving the Lady with the Beautiful Smile

Louvre of Paris


Just as they landed the PTD, there was a loud alarm ringing inside the Louvre. “Oh Non!” shouted Sofie. “Come! Hurry! Vite! We may need some help.”  The travellers ran as fast as they could behind her.  They followed her up the grand stairs, across the beautiful courtyards and across several galleries filled to the brim of paintings.

The three exploring the museum


After a series of quick turns, Sofie came to a room which was full of people.  The alarms on either side of the room were blaring red, which means they were silently shining red light. The room was actually very quiet. The Louvre Security team, which were a bunch of computers relaying messages,  were sending out messages and texts to all those in there, but no one was paying attention as everyone stood captivated by the painting in front. 


The Mona Lisa by Leonardo Davinci

“Who is that beautiful woman in the painting?” asked Hari, intrigued that no matter which way he walked, her smile followed.

 “It’s Mona Lisa!!!” exclaimed Mira.

 “What’s going on?” she asked Sofie. 

“The sprinkler system has malfunctioned. We have to evacuate the room and remove the painting before the water rains down and ruins everything!” she yelled. 

Hari started to move people towards the exit, but it was no use.  People were so engrossed with what they saw on their interactive glasses and smart watches that no one was even moving.  “I have an idea!” said Hari.  Putting his fingers between his mouth, he let out a whistle so loud that it got the attention of everyone.  Within minutes, they were able to clear from the room all the people, mini PTDs, and a few drones that were flying around.

“But what about the painting?  How will we move that?!” shouted Sofie.  “It’s encased in triple layer glass and with four layers of laser and other digital security,” informed Mira as she manipulated the motherboard trying to disable the security systems.  The urgency in the room was palpable.  As you might have expected, the most famous painting in the world had the strongest security system there was!  She worked furiously at the motherboard. Time was of the essence. Every. Second. Counted. 

Working on the motherboard


Just then, a loud noise came bellowing through the loudspeakers.  “Mademoiselle Sofie!  C’est Monsieur LaGrange.  Yoo must feex ze sprinklers or yoo vil be fired and I vil make sure yoo never work in France again! Comprennez vous?!” “That’s my boss,” said a rather annoyed Sofie, “He’s big on threats and small on inspiration.” She shrugged off the rather mean boss and all three of them stopped to think. 

“Where’s Teus?” asked Mira, looking around the room. Above her, Teus had hung his satchel from the booming loudspeaker.  Using it as a type of swing he was trying to get to the sprinklers.  Down below, the travellers just stopped and looked.  No one shouted. No one breathed. No one even blinked, because even in their realm of crazy things to do, this was surely the most unadvisable thing!  With a deft push, he was able to get the hook tool on his Swiss Army knife connected to the grill of the sprinkler system.  With a bit more maneuvering, he was able to open the grill.  Then, with a flick of the knife he cut something inside and a few drops of water fell down.

Teus hanging from the satchel

As those droplets fell, everyone just froze! They were certain that the world’s greatest piece of work would be lost!  Mira worked fervishly on the motherboard. She had managed to shut down the lasers. Now she had to figure out how to unlock the glass!

High above, Teus continued to fidget with the sprinkler system as more water fell below. Each drop took their fear to a whole new level.  Just then, the speaker boomed again “Mademoiselle Sofie!  Who eez this person tampering with zee sprinkler?!  If you allow a stranger to ruin the Mona Lisa, off you will go to prison! Tout suite!  Comprennez vous?!” Sofie had once more the look of total fear.  Not for her mean boss, but for Teus who was now dangling from the sprinkler system trying to fidget with something inside.

“I’ve done it!” he shouted finally as he made his way back to the satchel and then very carefully back down.  “I’ve managed to turn off the sprinkler to the painting so now Mona Lisa cannot be drowned in water.” He blew the lady in the painting a kiss.  “And I opened the security code and unlocked the glass,” exclaimed Mira at the same time, as they watched the glass doors open.  There was much cheering on the floor.  The painting was now indeed safe!

Just then, the door opened and the same booming voice said, “Mademoiselle Sofie! What have you done?!!!  You have deeestroyed our sprinklere systemm and shut down the seeecurity!  You vil pay for theez!” he shouted.  When the travellers turned around, they saw a small robot. It was not even big enough to call a Ro-bot. Really it was just a BOT! It barely even came up to their shins!  “This is Monsieur LaGrange!” exclaimed Mira, trying not to laugh.  “Enchante,” she said with a bow and a slight chuckle.

The robot at the museum


Hari walked up to Monsieur LaGrange and taking out something from his pocket, laid it on his palm.  The robot looked at him very suspiciously, scanning his clothes and all.  Then it buzzed forwards towards his hand and with a scoop sucked in what he had. “Yummy,” said Monsieur LaGrange. “What came out of your pocket this time?” asked a very amused Teus. “Chocolate,” replied Hari with a smile. “The Tryptophan in chocolate would kick in right away if he was human, ” he said with a very sneaky smile, waiting to see if the key ingredient in chocolate would make the BOT happy. 

Tryptophan in chocolate

“Bravo! Bravo! Mademoiselle Sofie, tu est meilleure! The best! “ said Monsieur LaGrange with a rather remarkably changed mood. 

>> Let's celebrate! 


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