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Saving the Mona Lisa

Where it all began

Mira and Teus are friends who one day found an old rusty tandem bike in the trash.  They dragged it home to their garage and wiped it off.  The gears didn’t work, neither did the brakes but the horn worked well.  They were able to straighten the spokes and pump air into the tires. Then, they painted parts of it, rolled duct tape around other parts, and thought they had found the greatest Ferrari in town.  They even named it “Luctus Velo” which is Latin for super fast. 

What they didn’t know is that the tandem bike had special powers that made them time travel across different countries and time periods .  They won’t know where they are going until they land there!

To help them on their journeys, Mira, who is linguistic genius that seems to be able to speak any language on earth and is very clever with gadgets, built a handy dandy simulator that can accurately identify where they landed and what time period they were in. She named this “Anulap” after the Polynesian god of magic and knowledge.  Teus, who can fix just about anything in this home,  found a couple of old satchels in his grandfather's attic, threw in his Swiss Army Knife, and off they went on their explorations.

Their first journey on Luctus Velo, took them to India in the 17th century, where they made friends with an Indian boy called Hari who had “magical spices” in his pocket.  Just as they were leaving to return home, Hari  jumped on the bike,  “Oh no!” shouted Mira, “How are we ever going to get him home?!”

Children on Tandem Bike

>>Where will they land this time??

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