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The Kon-Tiki Adventure: On The Balsa Logs

<< Go to Introduction: Where It All Began  Mira & Teyus o Kon Tiki. Falling on Balsa Logs“WHOA!” shouted Mira, certain they were on a collision course.

“Shut your eyes!” screamed Teyus.

Hari, sitting at the back of Luctus velo answered, “Way ahead of you, already closed!”

Suddenly there was a loud thump. There were logs strewn all over the path and they couldn’t be avoided by the travellers. Off the bike they went, into the air with enough time to think about how much the landing was about to hurt.

“OUCH!” “OWW!” and “ MIRAAAAA!!” was all that could be heard as the kids landed in a pile.  Mira & Teyus on Kon Tiki. Thor Heyerdahl.Just then, a man who had seen the whole accident happen, came running over, helping them up.

“Are you ok?” he asked, checking them over to make sure no real damage was done. “And they tell me I am crazy!” he then scoffed, letting out a laugh and pointing at the heap of logs.

Mira winced and took out the Anulap from her satchel.

‘Callao, Peru. March 10, 1947’.

The travellers just shrugged, the date and location didn’t really mean much to them.

“Thor Heyerdahl” said the man, holding out his hand for a round of handshakes.

“THOR HEYERDAHL!” loudly whispered Teyus, unable to control his sudden excitement.

“Who’s that?” asked Mira, looking confused. She had never heard that name before. 

Teyus was stunned, “He’s only one of the greatest adventurers in the world!”

He proceeded to quietly tell the others how Heyerdahl was a Norwegian who built a raft and sailed it from Peru to Polynesia, across the whole Pacific Ocean!

The kids looked at the logs on the ground again. Teyus picked one up, examining it closely. “Wow! These must be the Balsa Logs he used for the journey!” 

Teyus introduced himself to the man, shaking his hand profusely. He also made a point of telling him how he was his biggest fan and how his journey will inspire generations to come. 

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