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Grades SK- Grade 1 Grades 2-5 Grades 6-8 Grades 9-12 Adult

Teen Entrepreneurs (Gr. 7-12)

Kids Learn about Money 1.0

Kids Learn about Money 2.0


Teen Entrepreneurs (Gr. 7-12)

Teens Learn about Money 1.0

Teens Learn about Money 2.0

Teens Learn about Money 3.0

Prepare for University

Women Entrepreneurs

Learn about Money 1.0

Learn about Money 2.0

Learn about Money 3.0



Short Description of Classes

Young Entrepreneurs | Kids start their own businesses. In the past 2 years, previous students have made about $10,000 through their own business.

Kids Learn about Money | Kids & Teens learn how to invest money. This summer, our Investment Challenge winner (Grade 8) made $1950 in 5 days of trading.  

Creative Math | A math class that is fun and where kids leave loving Math! In our class, we teach kids math concepts by having them build something that incorporates that concept right away. For example making your own board game and learning about areas, perimeters.

Creative Science | A program where in every class the kids make an experiment to completely understand a concept. We cover Biology, Chemistry, Physics and Environmental Science.

Bonjour French | A fun program where the focus is on getting kids fluently speaking french and then efficiently teaching them conjugations and grammar.

Ni Hao Mandarin | Children sing songs and acquire a high level of conversational skills very soon. This is followed by them learning pinyin and writing their own Mandarin stories!

Around the World | A delightful program which is as much fun to teach as it is to participate. Kids visit a new country every class learning about the history, culture, dance, art, sports and language.  

Junior Engineer | A program where kids construct something in every class to learn how engineering works. For example, using water bottles to create a barge and see if it can float if you put weight on it.

Junior LEGO Robot | Imgagine building your own robot from scratch. We do not follow the LEGO patterns but build from scratch and connect a mother and app to it. This is really creativity unleashed.

our results speak for themselves  

⭐ Voted Top Education program & Top STEM program in the GTA

Interviewed by BBC as having life changing programs for kids and women

⭐ Kids in our Entrepreneurship Programs (Grades 3-9) raised over $2000 this summer and started their own businesses.

⭐ Kids in our Investment Programs (Grades 7-9) made over $1950 in 5 days of stock trading

⭐ Kids in our After School Programs significantly impoved at school and the results are amazing.

where to find us

Explorer Hop

556 Mount Pleasant Rd (between Eglinton & Davisville)

Toronto, ON M4S 2M6

Tel: 416-833-1782

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