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Adventure in London: The Mysterious Map

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Suddenly, the sound of someone running up all those flights of stairs could be heard. It was getting louder. 

“Couldn’t they have built an elevator?” Hari moaned entering the room, completely knackered at the climb. 

“Where were you?” asked Teyus. 

“I saw an Indian man at the corner shop so I thought I would ask him how to get back home. His name was Mr. Patel", Hari started to explain. 

Seeing the expectant faces of his friends, he continued. “Well, at first he wouldn’t help, but then I offered him some of my magical spices and in return, he gave me this map.” Hari opened the map to show the others.

“Mr. Patel also said ‘Solve the riddles, the signs will come to you.’"  Mira & Teyus in India.  Hari's Map

Mr. Bondo looked at the tattered map and the markings on the back of it, frowning, he said, “I’m sorry to say this good chap, but I think you’ve been cheated. This map is nothing more than a regular world map.” Hari was gutted to hear this. He missed his home and family and would trade anything to get back to them. 

With the clock now working, Mr. Bondo thanked the travellers for their help and said, “things are all hunky-dory now, so I must leave to escort the Queen to the festivities,” with that, he disappeared.  Mira & Teyus Adventures in London.  Face of Big Ben lit up with oil lamp.The travellers were getting ready to leave when they realized the windows in front of the clock were all dark! The light bulbs had stopped working! 

“The fuse has probably tripped,” said Teyus. Looking at the clock, they knew they were really out of time now. There was no way they could fix this in time! The Queen was already on her way and the crowds were cheering in anticipation. The world was looking at this tower and there were no lights on! With their faces white, they finally understood that the entire weight of global millennium celebrations now depended on them!

Hari reached in his pocket and took out a small bottle of liquid, picking up some emergency lanterns from the floor. Removing the cover of one of the lanterns, he ever so gently poured a bit of the oil into the plates below. He then picked up some thick rope from the ground, which he cut in strands and put into the liquid. Finally, he found a box of matchsticks. Taking a deep breath, for he knew this was their only chance, he lit the strand of rope and a small flame burnt! The windows were now lit!  

“What was that?” asked Mira looking at Hari's very flat magical pocket with a big smile. 

“Oil,” replied Hari. "Before electricity, the windows on Big Ben were lit with oil lamps and they are again today."  Mira & Teyus in London. The Queen and the Spy. At that moment, they looked outside the windows and saw Johnny Bondo with the Queen in a cool, black helicopter. They waved to the travellers who obviously waved back. Teyus was sure the Queen even gave him a wink! 

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