The Prize

How is the winner determined?

The portfolio with the greatest value at the end is the winner and gets the Grand Prize of a $500 Amazon gift card.

What happens if there is a tie?

In the unlikely event that there is a tie, the prize money will be split between all the winners equally.

What is the Grand Prize?

The winner with the highest portfolio value at the end will win a Canadian $500 gift card for (redeemable at any Amazon website)

How will I receive the gift?

The gift card will be sent via email to the winner. We are required to check the identity of the person receiving the gift card. This is to make sure you are not a bot.

What other prizes will be offered?

Competitors will be awarded the following prizes. Note: Competitors who receive Amazon Gift Card prizes will not be awarded the age category prize. This means, you can only get one prize.

Grand Prize Winner: $500 Amazon Gift Card

2nd Place: $75 Amazon Gift Card

3rd Place: $55 Amazon Gift Card

4th Place: $50 Amazon Gift Card

5th Place: $45 Amazon Gift Card

6th Place: $40 Amazon Gift Card

The following competitors will be awarded Explorer Hop Gift Cards

Competitor Age 1st Place in that Age Group 2nd Place in that Age Group 3rd Place in that Age Group
Age 11 $40 $20 $15
Age 12 $40 $20 $15
Age 13 $40 $20 $15
Age 14 $40 $20 $15
Age 15 $40 $20 $15
Age 16 $40 $20 $15
Age 17 $40 $20 $15


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