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Adventure in Australia: The Treasures beneath the Land

<< Back to In the Big Blue Sea  Mira & Teyus in Australia.  Coral Garden.Looking down through the water, Mira saw the most amazing thing she had ever seen; a diverse, thriving coral ecosystem. The coral looked just like bright tree trunks made up of many different colours and textures. Darting around the submerged garden swam the most colourful fish she could have imagined, shimmering in the sunlight. Motioning to Teyus and Hari to look down too, the travellers were all totally amazed by these treasures beneath the sea. As far as their eyes could see and in every direction, there were colourful coral and fish.

It was so captivating that Hari forgot all about his lack of swimming ability. He absorbed the vivid sights under the sea. It only lasted a minute however because when he turned his head, he saw the biggest, meanest, wall of fish looking back at him. He was so scared, he couldn’t even talk. He just started frantically pointing.  Mira & Teyus in Australia. Barracuda

Teyus recognized the unmistakable fish immediately and shouted “BARRACUDAS!!” The travellers slowly moved backwards in the water, trying to stay calm. They hoped and prayed the enormous predators preferred to lunch on fish today, rather than humans and a patched up old bike.  Mira & Teyus in Australia. Yellow Submarine

Just then, there were bubbles and a strange gurgling noise coming from the depths below them. It felt like the sea was parting. Whatever this thing was, it was causing a lot of ripples. It soon glided right past them.

“What was that?!” shouted Mira. Before anyone could answer, a submarine surfaced in front of them! Well, it was an itsy-bitsy, small, very bright yellow submarine.  Mira & Teyus in India.  Matila friendly Australian girl

“G’day Mates!” said a girl, popping her head out of the submarine door on top. “You want to hop in, or would you rather be lunch for them-there fish?” she asked with a wicked smile and thick Aussie accent. “We don’t normally see people holding on to bikes in the middle of the Coral Sea!” She let out a loud laugh as the travellers moved Luctus and themselves into the submarine. “I’m Matilda and this is my dad’s undersea adventure tour submarine.” 

Pleased they would not to be made into lunch by a school of hungry Barracudas the travellers happily climbed into the safe, dry spot. 

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