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Adventure in London: Time has Stopped

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Just then, one of the guards whispered something to Mr. Bondo. Immediately, he whistled sharply and a black taxi came out of nowhere to a screeching halt in front of them.  

“A situation of grave importance has come up. Follow me,” the spy said as they climbed in and the taxi sped to Big Ben.    

“What happened?” asked all the travellers in unison. 


"The clock on Big Ben has stopped working! We think it’s an act of espionage. Without the clock working there can be no millennium celebrations!”  He looked at his watch and told them they had about ninety minutes to solve the problem.. Mira & Teyus Adventures in London.  Big Ben BellRunning up all the 339 stairs of Big Ben, they learned that Big Ben wasn’t the name of the clock but the bell above the clock that chimed. It weighed as much as an elephant!  

“How did they carry it all the way up here?!” wondered Mira. 

When they entered the clock room, the travellers were even more amazed. This was not a clock at all, it was a machine! It was enormous! There were cogs everywhere and a very clever pendulum in the middle of them. The cogs had stopped working and the pendulum looked positively unbalanced. 

“Oh dear!” thought Mira. “How are we ever going to fix this?”

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