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Adventures in Egypt: Valley of the Kings

 <<Click here for the Introduction - Where it all began.  Mira & Teyus in Egypt.  Valley of the Kings
“Thieves! Thieves!”
“Catch them before they leave!” 
“Slippery characters!”

Mira, Teyus and Hari looked up to see they were covered in dust and a few men with shovels, spades and brushes were running towards them! They jumped up and ran as fast as they could, carrying Luctus on their shoulders.

“Why aren’t we riding the bike instead of carrying it?” shouted Hari, but as usual no one paid any attention to him.

After a few meters, they ducked into an opening in the rock. It was dusty and a sand storm was blowing sand everywhere. “Where are we?!” shouted Teyus laying on the ground, covering Luctus.  Mira & Teyus in Egypt. Map of Egypt.Mira took out the Anulap from her pocket, it read:

'Valley of the Kings, Egypt, November 4, 1922’.

“Wow!” whispered Teyus excitedly, he really didn’t want the guys with the spades to find him. Looking at the Mira and Hari who were confused, Teyus the history buff explained that this is where ancient Egyptians had built a lot of pyramids. Mira’s eyes lit up in anticipation.

“I found them!”

“Catch them by the collar!”

“I will eat these robbers for lunch” said another voice said, speaking in Arabic. Before the travellers could move, the rough looking men caught them by the collar.

“Help! We are being kidnapped!” shouted Mira.  Mira & Teyus in Egypt.  Camels and Pyramids

“There’s only dead Pharaohs out here in these parts, and their hearing is kind of not working right now”, sighed Teyus, as the men dragged them back to where they had landed.



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