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Level 4 Math

Level 4 Math

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Voted Top STEM Program in the GTA!

Explorer Math - The Best Learn-from-Home Math Curriculum!

Now approved by the AP Board (Advanced Placements)!


 What's in store for Level 4 (Grade 9)?

What is Explorer Math?

Introducing Explorer Hop's new Explorer Math program, preparing all students from Grade 6-12 to learn advanced international math from the comfort of your home.

Not only will your child be prepared to succeed from a global standpoint, they will be developing an innate passion for math that they can actually apply! 

This online app will help you learn at your own pace covering a range of topics all simplified with:

✅       Easy to Understand through Narrated, Animated Videos
🧑‍🏫  On Demand- One on One Teacher Support 
🎮       Gamified Learning with Pop Quizzes, Mini Challenges & Practise Projects

And best of all...

🆓      First Three Months FREE (Offer expires Sep 15)

🆓      First Two Months FREE (Offer starts Sep 16 - Sep 26)


Our Global Math Curriculum (Grades 6-12) is structured with:

  • Combination of Canadian (ON & BC)
  • British (IGSE + A Levels)
  • International Baccalaureate (IB)
  • Singapore and Advance Placement (AP)
  • AP Math curriculums (including AP Statistics & AP 


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