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Infiniti Tips & Tricks

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Who we are

We are 9 kids from grades 3-5 from Bayview Glen school who are launching our own business. 

It is a not-for-profit business where we create videos and share our tips and tricks on several different topics. 

What are we selling

We are selling videos that teach people how to

> Gaming Tips

> Soccer Moves

> Magic Tricks

> Build Easy Piano Skills

> Book Talks 

> How to Podcasts 

> Drawing Tutorials

Who are we raising money for?

All proceeds go towards the World Parkinsons Program, to help those with Parkinsons disease. Parkinson's disease is a condition that makes you lose control of your body.  Together we can make a difference. 

How will you receive the information? 

EARLY BIRD SPECIAL!! Order now and SAVE!!! 

You will get all the videos at the end of June.

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