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Toronto Hype

Toronto Hype - Explorer Hop
Toronto Hype - Explorer Hop
Toronto Hype - Explorer Hop
Toronto Hype - Explorer Hop
Toronto Hype - Explorer Hop
Product image 1Toronto Hype - Explorer Hop
Product image 2Toronto Hype - Explorer Hop
Product image 3Toronto Hype - Explorer Hop
Product image 4Toronto Hype - Explorer Hop
Product image 5Toronto Hype - Explorer Hop

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A TV Network presented by Young Entrepreneurs!

We are young Entrepreneurs (9-11 years old) launching our own TV Network. Toronto Hype is an exclusive zoom-based TV channel with different TV segments such as cooking, tech, makeup, sports, and even gaming! You won't have to switch between channels, because we got fun and education segments your whole family can enjoy!

Our Friday TV Guide:

Segment Presenter Genre Show Episode
Serena Cooking Cooked Buffalo Wings
Angelina Baking Mix it up! Amazing Chocolate Mug Cake
Zain Tech App Design
Thunkable App Designing tutorial
Jade-Alyssa Makeup Let's Make a beautiful visage! A prom look (in both French and English Languages)
Jack Sports Hype Soccer 1v1 soccer match
Noah & Matteo Sports 1v1 Hockey Learning Hockey Match & learning
 Tom & Justin Sports The Awesome Virtual Horse Game Virtual Basketball Match
Julianna Baking Delicious Biscuits Chocolate Chip cookies
Owen Gaming Jailbreak with Owen Walkthrough on Roblox


Tune in this Friday (June 19) starting at 10:30 AM and ending at 12:00 PM. We launched this company in support of our local charity, Toronto Humane Society, they help animals across Toronto, including pets, farm creatures, and all local animals. All proceeds go to the Toronto Humane Society. 


You don't need to worry about finding your remote.

All PDF tickets will contain a clickable zoom link that you simply need to click on and you will be taken to the Zoom window (it is highly recommended to have a account). All tickets will be released this Friday!


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